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Adventure: Appalachian Trail - Davenport Gap to Hot Springs

“Woah man! I wish I had your energy” the thru-hiker said excitedly as he sat perched against a fence post on the opposite side of the dirt road leading up to the Max Patch parking lot. I was running out of the woods at a good clip on a slight downhill and I think we both caught each other off guard. Neither of us expecting the other to be there. 

“Oh, hey. Let’s hope it lasts, haha...Does the trail go this way?” I said as I pointed into the trees on the other side of the road. Little did I know that it wouldn't, well, not exactly.

“Yes, right over here” he confirms.

“Thanks…oh...by the way, do know where the next water source is?” I ask hesitantly, revealing my biggest fear on this run. My water bladder was empty and I needed to refill it. I was hoping there would be a water source here or on the other side of Max Patch. I was 19 miles into 40, knowing that I would need to refill my water, and soon so the water purification tablets would have enough time to kill the nasties before I needed to drink it. 

“Yes, I think there’s a stream right down the trail before the summit.”

“Thanks!” I yell as I take off down the trail in search of water. 

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Race Report: Yankee Springs Winter Challenge (50 Mile)

The alarm went off at 3:30 AM, and I groggily reached for my phone. I hit snooze button (a big “no, no” in the get up and get out the door motivational world), but I wanted a few minutes of not running around to plan though my day. Running is so reactive, move through the world, take in your surrounding, react and adapt to your body and your context. I reveled in these nine warm minutes of calm in bed before I started the avalanche of motion and emotion that is the Yankee Springs Winter Challenge (YSWC) 50 Mile race.

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