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Adventure: Appalachian Trail - Davenport Gap to Hot Springs

“Woah man! I wish I had your energy” the thru-hiker said excitedly as he sat perched against a fence post on the opposite side of the dirt road leading up to the Max Patch parking lot. I was running out of the woods at a good clip on a slight downhill and I think we both caught each other off guard. Neither of us expecting the other to be there. 

“Oh, hey. Let’s hope it lasts, haha...Does the trail go this way?” I said as I pointed into the trees on the other side of the road. Little did I know that it wouldn't, well, not exactly.

“Yes, right over here” he confirms.

“Thanks…oh...by the way, do know where the next water source is?” I ask hesitantly, revealing my biggest fear on this run. My water bladder was empty and I needed to refill it. I was hoping there would be a water source here or on the other side of Max Patch. I was 19 miles into 40, knowing that I would need to refill my water, and soon so the water purification tablets would have enough time to kill the nasties before I needed to drink it. 

“Yes, I think there’s a stream right down the trail before the summit.”

“Thanks!” I yell as I take off down the trail in search of water. 

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