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Bloodrock 50K

Bloodrock 50K


The Course: The 25 & 50K will start at the Redbud Pavilion and follow a short section of the bike trail back to near the "Chimneys," then take a small connector over to the Light Trail heading toward the campground. About 1/2 mile before reaching the Campground, runners will leave the light trail heading to the left and head around the northwest side of Oak Mountain Lake. You will cross over the dam and continue on a gravel road, through a gate onto the paved road. Continue past the fishing center and turn right across the dam. At the parking lot just past the spillway you will enter the multi-use trail for about a mile. Watch for signs directing you to the left in into the backcountry on the "Far End Back Trail."

The next 6 miles are all in the backcountry. Runners will climb up and over the west ridge, then the east ridge of Double Oak Mountain. You will eventually reach Kings Chair Overlook, one of the best overlooks in the park. Be sure to stop of photo or two. Runners will continue along the east ridge on the old "Rim Walk East" trail for about a two miles before the trail drops out from under you and you will find yourself at the bottom of "Barkley Hill." After climbing back up to the east ridge on very steep trails, you will head along the ridge crest for less than a mile before heading down the back side of Double Oak Mountain on an old wagon road into the "Outback." ​Runners will eventually climb out of Donnavant Valley, up "Topless Hill" and return to "Normal" trails and eventually reach The North Trailhead Aid Station. From there it's a short run back to Redbud the end for 25K runners. 50K Runners, well, you have a little bit to go yet. At the North Trailhead, turn around and head back the way you came. Stock up on water and snacks. It's a long way back to the North Trailhead again.

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