Gear Overview

One of the things I love about running is that it isn't gear intensive and you don't need much to just go for a run. However, like many other sports there is gear that can be used to make things easier. Here are a few of the brands and products I've found useful.

  • Altra Running (shoes, shorts, socks)
  • Salomon (tights, vest, soft flasks, and jacket)
  • Patagonia (socks, hat)
  • Territory Run Co. (shirts)
  • Clif (bars, bloks, electrolyte mix, recovery mix)
  • Vitargo (carb mix)
  • Runderwear (underwear)
  • Wedgees (eyeglass accessory)
  • Runner's Tea
  • 3M Surgical Tape (nipple protection)
  • Strava (tracking my runs)
  • Suunto watch (gps watch + heart rate monitor)
  • Victory Sports Design (bag)
  • Nike (winter sweatshit)
  • Black Diamond (headlamp)
  • The Stick (recovery)
  • Body Glide (lube)

Over the upcoming posts, I'll review each of these products and let you know how they fit into my running regime and how they may or may not help you. 

Have you used any of these brands/products? Let me know your thoughts.